Embedded Drive Folders
Folders from Google Drive can be embedded into a Google Site. This is an efficient way to manage attachments, documents and files that are relevant to a particular page of a Site. Individual documents can be embedded into a page, but if you want to attach several documents the procedures are slightly different. There are a few ways to add attachments to a Google Site page:
  1. Change the Page Settings for each page to allow for attachments to be added.
  2. Make the page a File Cabinet and upload individual files.
  3. Add direct hyperlinks for each Drive document.
  4. Embed documents one at a time.
  5. Use the Insert >> Folder menu to add an entire Drive folder to the page using the Folders Gadget.
The Folders Gadget method is probably the most efficient. This will allow you to:
  • easily manage attachments in Drive rather than in the Sites page
  • apply immediate updates to your page attachments
  • keep your Site's file size small
  • add multiple folder gadgets to the same page
Watch the videos below to see how this is done. Scroll down this page to see the examples.

Watch me do it...

In a Minute

Full Walkthrough


Folder gadget added with word wrapping on and floated to the right.

Folder One

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit. Amet carrot cake sesame snaps macaroon icing chocolate. Macaroon pie cheesecake I love. Candy jelly beans wafer tiramisu. Croissant cookie caramels apple pie danish icing. Applicake chocolate cake macaroon. I love chupa chups pastry I love icing. Sweet wafer candy. Dessert pudding marshmallow pie jelly I love I love cheesecake cotton candy.

Apple pie wafer gummi bears fruitcake tootsie roll. Cupcake fruitcake tiramisu. Pudding dessert gummi bears lollipop cake. Oat cake marshmallow bonbon fruitcake ice cream. Halvah cake apple pie sugar plum I love wafer sugar plum. 

Folder that is full width.

Folder Two

Dessert cotton candy jelly-o cake biscuit powder. Caramels cotton candy pastry tiramisu marzipan marshmallow gingerbread brownie. Sesame snaps carrot cake fruitcake tootsie roll sugar plum oat cake tiramisu gummies pie. Icing I love dessert halvah donut croissant. Dragée muffin cheesecake bear claw.

Brownie sweet roll cake sugar plum oat cake sugar plum caramels chocolate bar. Wafer applicake pudding biscuit sweet roll brownie pastry marzipan. Bonbon sweet powder. Danish brownie bear claw biscuit sweet roll I love muffin. Candy chocolate cake I love sweet roll. Oat cake tart danish dessert candy canes cheesecake sweet roll. Brownie jujubes danish.

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