Booking Calendars
Create an automated calendar booking system. Users add events to a form which adds events to a calendar, notifies a manager and invites the requester to the event.

School uses
  • Facilities booking
  • Parent conferences
  • Equipment reservations


  • Four calendars are compiled and color coded here; one for each venue being managed.
  • Complete the form to add your event to the calendar.
  • On form submit an email is sent to the venue manager notifying them of the request. There can be different managers for each venue.
  • The event is added to the appropriate calendar automatically about 1-4 minutes after the form is submitted. Refresh this page to see if the event has been added.
  • An email confirmation is sent back to the person making the booking. A link could be provided in this email to any other forms that might need to be completed.
  • A calendar invite is sent to the person making the calendar booking so they can add to their own GoogleCalendar.
  • This was all done using FormMule ( Andrew Stillman is brilliant! Follow him @astillman.
  • You can view the spreadsheet making this all happen: FormMule