Here are some of my top tips and tricks that I learned while attending Google Teacher Academy in December 2012. A group of 60 amazing Googley teachers were selected to attend. We learned heaps and connected with some pretty incredible and innovative teachers, admin and consultants...all who have a special place in their hearts and lives for Google's goodies.


Drag & Drop Search (Productivity)
  • Highlight any text on a web page.
  • Click and drag the selected text up to the tab bar in Chrome.
  • Let go and watch the magic.
  • Google Search will open and search for the text you have selected.

Reopen closed tabs (Productivity)
  • Accidentally closing a tab can be very frustrating. If you X out a tab or use the keyboard shortcut of Command-W before you are done you can go to your History and find Recently Closed Tabs.
  • A quicker way: hold down Shift+Command+T to reopen the last tab closed.
  • Repeat the keyboard shortcut and walk back through your history of closed tabs.

User Accounts (Productivity)

Chrome Extensions

Webpage Screenshot
Full page & Edit Content

Evernote Clearly
Reading, Annotate to Evernote, Text to Speech

Save to gDrive


Comment on Images

Research Tool

Stock Images


Attach file from Drive
 w/ Sharing notification



Basic editing

Playlist controls

Privacy controls

Connect & Share
Circle Me Follow Me Watch Me Play with Me Read Me See Me